I first met Melody in 2012, and Gus has been in her care since the end of that year. Last week, my veterinarian came out to float Gus’ teeth. She’s known Gus since 2007 and told me that since Gus has been with Melody, he not only looks the best he’s ever looked, but seems very happy.  I guess that says it all. Melody takes amazing care of the horses; they get turnout, she feeds three times a day, and actually dispenses the supplements I bring to the barn.

I’ve taken a lot of lessons from Melody and appreciate that she has a plan. I don’t have to figure out what I need to know, because she knows. She is routinely patient, professional, and good with kids and grown-ups alike. 

Melody is a wonderful trainer! She's calm and kind to the horses. My observation is that she trains using patience, persistence, and consistency.  I can’t imagine putting Gus in any other hands. Oh, I guess her method works pretty well. Gus qualified for championships in dressage last year! 

                                                                                  - Liza Osburn

Melody started working with me and my Standardbred gelding “Andy” in March, 2012.  Neither he or I had any previous consistent training or lessons since I got him as a 3 year old in 2007.  I found Melody to be skilled and patient with both of her new “green” students.  She knows when a gentle nudge is needed and encouragement for a job well done .  Melody has helped Andy to learn and work on his stadium jumping; perform in dressage schooling shows and he also enjoys trail rides.  Her care and concern for all of the horses, riders and the facility is excellent and I never worry about Andy even when I am unable to get to the barn for extended periods of time.

                                                  - Debbie Gray

A Bit More Training and Melody Klikus are answered prayer!  I am retired and it has always been my dream to own and ride my own horse.  Melody has made that dream come true. She has encouraged me and given me hope that I will improve with each lesson.  I know that she is interested in my succeeding and for my horse and I to become life-long partners in a truly remarkable relationship.  Melody’s life-long work and professional experience with horses gives me the comfort and security I need to know that my horse, Mars, receives the best of care.  I would trust no one else with my horse nor would I place my confidence for lessons in anyone else’s hands. Constant improvements and up grading at Shiloh Ranch makes me proud to be a part of A Bit More Training.

                                              - Thoris Sappie

My daughter and I really enjoy A Bit More Training at Shiloh Ranch! We've both taken lessons with Melody over the last four years and have learned more about riding, horsemanship, and care of our horses than anywhere else.  Melody takes the time to work with each student and horse to form the perfect partnership. No matter what level of training each has when they arrive, Melody can help you to achieve your goals. Different disciplines are available and encouraged. My daughter loves heading to the barn for lessons and participating in shows, including dressage, hunter jumper, and eventing. And to top it off, we never have to worry about our horses because they always receive the best of care!  Why would you go anywhere else? 

                                             - Linda Clark

A Bit More Training at Shiloh Ranch provides the optimum environment for
myself and  horse "Patr'on."  Melody takes a positive and progressive
approach to ensuring the health and well being of every horse in her care.
She employs a performance-oriented approach in her training and exercise
programs and parlays this into "show-ready" condition if that is the
intended goal.  As a student, I appreciate her ability to convey the
necessary positions and cues to gain the most from my lessons and the
response from Patr'on.


                                                       - Robert Golightly